Do you like this web site? I can develop your web solutions

I've developed web site. It's multilingual, you can create your own web site in 5 minutes, try it now!
Anyway I can do any software you need to, just let me know about...
I'm Italian, and more then 10 years of experiance in web applications.

Technology used: Microsoft .Net 4.5 (c#, razor), JQuery, pattern MVC and database Sql-Server.

Please feel free to contact me for further chat.




You need of a software, I can develop it!

I'm an Italian, 38 years old, male. 
I've got more than 10+ years of commercial experience developing online, public-facing web services/applications: 
Microsoft .Net 4.5 (C#,, Asp.Net, MVC, Razor), T-Sql, Pl-Sql, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, XML, SQL server, Oracle.

This web site is mine. I've developed it using Microsft .Net 4.5, language C#, pattern MVC and database SQL-Server.